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Author: soyproducts

Paul Smith

69 Power Road

Joined In Jul 2020

About Me

Our entire facility and the FG Roberts brand of Retail and Food Service products are totally gluten free and wheat free. There are no wheat, oats, rye, barley, triticale or spelt materials or by-products onsite. All FG Roberts products are formulated to achieve the best possible nutritional and flavour outcomes, whilst providing choice to consumers with food intolerances and allergies. FG Roberts products are dairy, nut and egg free, and low in sodium. They have no added sugar or artificial colours, flavour enhancers, and flavours. No artificial preservatives are used or added. The products also meet diabetic criteria for fat, sugar, salt and dietary fibre levels and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The FG Roberts range of Gluten Free and Wheat Free Retail and Food Service Products are manufactured at the Australian owned manufacturing facility of Soy Products (Sales) Pty Ltd. Located in Melbourne, Victoria, the facility is ‘dedicated’ gluten and wheat free with HACCP, Organic Processor, and Kosher certifications. Long Shelf Life We specialise in the production of stable, long shelf life dry premixes with extremely consistent physical and functional characteristics. The stability and longevity are achieved by natural means including the use of our steam stabilisation processes; the use of wholebean soy with its natural vitamin E and lecithin and by the use of dryer than standard ingredients. We have developed the FG Roberts range of products to meet balanced nutritional and diabetic criteria. They are either low in or free of added sugars, salt/sodium. The fats and good dietary fibre levels are naturally present in the ingredients. Organic Processor Certification For philosophic reasons, from dietary and health concerns, to maintain our Organic Processor Certification and from awareness that many of our products may be used to feed young children, we deliberately avoid the use of artificial preservatives, pesticides, fungicides and fumigants on site. Relying instead upon good housekeeping, silo aeration to provide insect hostile storage conditions, pheromone traps, blue lights and judicious, declining use of a natural, organic fogging material containing eucalyptus, neem and pyrethrum. Allergen, Food Intolerance We are extremely aware of and concerned about the allergen, food intolerance, asthma, irritable bowel, anaphylaxis, behavioural/neurological, chronic fatigue syndrome and carcinogenic issues associated with certain foods and food additives. For example, we deliberately and scrupulously avoid the use of: Artificial colours, flavour enhancers and colours etc due to concerns about their implication in behavioural problems including violent mood swings, aggression/depression, hyperactivity and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), especially in children. Peanuts, egg products and sesame seeds due to their implication in anaphylaxis problems. Combined dairy and gluten proteins in foods due to concerns about their aggravation of the symptoms in autism sufferers. Millet due to its widespread implications in irritable bowel syndrome. Sulphur dioxide due to its implication in asthma attacks. Savoury or Sweet? FG Roberts products are deliberately bland to cater for a wide variety of allergen, food intolerance and other health issues and to enable them to be used successfully in either savoury and/or sweet/dessert applications. They do not impose upon you but allow you to choose the levels and types of added salt, sugar, flavour, spice, fat and other ingredients appropriate to the desired application and the specific health needs of you and your family.


69 Power Road



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