This offer suits, Just About Any Industry!

In summary, we’ve gained access to Thousands of quality Hotel rooms all over Australia, as part of our Holiday at Home campaign, Now we’re able to create one of the best customer incentives I've ever seen – This allows most businesses to offer prospective clients

a HOLIDAY Voucher valued up to $800.00 when they buy a product or service from your business.

Let’s face it if you have a product or service that’s offering a Holiday voucher and your competitor isn’t, who do you think is going to get the sale?

Not many people are going to say “no” to 3 night’s accommodation in a quality hotel.

Best of all, people can choose from destinations all over Australia with locations such as the Gold Coast, Cairns, Townsville, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Mackay,

This makes selling so much easier and the results we’re already seeing are mind-blowing.



We get access to rooms in what are mostly “4 Star Tripadvisor rated” hotels & resorts and then we package them up for this promotional program which helps both businesses & the participating hotels

Hotels and resorts normally have a 70% or less occupancy rate but even when they’re empty or close to it, they still have all the normal overheads, such as wages electricity, air conditioning, cleaning, and more, So with promotional incentives like this we help them fill those rooms, knowing that some of the customers will have a drink at the bar, order room service, dine in a restaurant or use one of many other services they offer, Tours, Massages, Spas, etc .

Most of the hotels in this program allow 4 x people per room (2 adults & 2 children ).

🎁 This incentive is set up so everyone wins.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Your business gets more customers, The hotels get more customers.

🏖️ The customer gets a holiday and your service.

Please understand that when you’re getting an amazing deal like this customer-incentive of a 4 Day/3 Night Holiday in a luxury hotel for such a low price, there will be a few conditions, No need to worry, the conditions are very reasonable.

  • Most hotels won’t have accommodation availability over the busy Christmas and or school holiday periods – because during these times, they don’t have enough empty rooms. Best nights to choose are often between Sunday & Thursday – if they want to include a Friday or Saturday, there’s a small surcharge.
    The idea of this promotional package is that it’s based on an everyone-wins basis, where the hotels provide rooms for very small rates at times when they're a little quieter.

    Your business wins more customers, and your customers get a cool Holiday voucher and your product or service.

  • There are nightly “booking & service fees” for all resorts , which is industry standard.

    The “booking & services fees” are a hospitality standard & entail, but are not limited to payment to reservation engines for the booking process (eg: the likes of or other travel agencies & housekeeping costs.

    You are no doubt aware that “booking fees” are commonplace in many industries, whether it be a concert, airline, cinema or hotel.

    In this instance, although the room is free, when a reservation platform (like Trivago or Expedia for example) is involved, there’s a often a small booking fee.

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